House Rules

1. Be sure to yell “BINGO loudly and make sure you have the caller’s attention. The caller must hear you to stop the game.   It is not the responsibility of the floor worker to stop the game. Speedo game floor workers are not allowed to yell”possible” to stop the game.

2. Players must be 16 or older to play bingo.  Everyone in the hall must be playing bingo and have proof of buy-in.  Players under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and have proof of identity and age.

3. State ID with current address required on payouts of $100 or  more.

4. Social Security card required on payments of $1,200 or more.

5. ID will be taken only from the person who has the bingo. If ID cannot be provided, the winner will have 30 days to pick up the prize. Prizes will only be available on that sponsor’s session.

6. You must bingo on the last number called. Once the caller says any part of the next letter or number you will miss your bingo and will not be paid.

7. Foul, disruptive, and/or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. If a disturbance is caused or any threat to a customer or employee is made, you may be asked to leave and/or be PERMANENTLY EXCLUDED FROM THE HALL.

8. Cell phone use during game is prohibited.

9. In compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) a customer may assist a disabled person with their machine. There is no limit on how much assistance may be needed for the disabled person.

10. A customer may play two machines in certain circumstances (restroom, illness, snack bar, etc.). Management approval may be required. Both players must be on the premises.

11. All games purchased during a session must be played during that session only.  Anyone caught playing papers on a different session will be PERMANENTLY EXCLUDED FROM THE HALL.

12. A valid signed receipt is required for all games in order to redeem the prize payout. Please hold your receipt until the end of the session.  Anyone caught swapping receipts with another player for a bigger payout will be PERMANENTLY EXCLUDED FROM THE HALL.

13. No outside food or beverage is allowed in the hall.

14. We reserve the right to change payouts at any given time (payouts are subject to change) It’s the customer’s responsibility to check their receipts at the time of buy-in and after upsales.

15. Machine malfunction voids all pays and plays.

16. Player Rewards have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash.

17. Management on duty makes the final decision in any and all disputes.


*Although we try to keep our website up to date, this may not be the most current version of our house rules. The official house rules are posted in the hall. Last revised on 11/08/2016.