Oregon Sports Action


OSA Mission Statement

Oregon Sports Action’s primary purpose is to development Olympic sport in Oregon. Its secondary purpose is to bid for and host the Winter Olympics in Oregon at some future date.

We support the concept that lifelong participation in sport, by an individual, makes the person and the community stronger and healthier and that the awareness of our sport history also has a positive impact on our society.

Some Notable Charities that benefit from OSA

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Oregon Disability Sports – which began 1971, then known as Oregon Games for the Physically Limited, as an effort to create an outlet or opportunity for people with disabilities in the Salem area to recreate and compete in athletics.


Obukan 2013 • <a style="font-size:0.8em;" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/49926707@N03/8622352039/" target="_blank">View on Flickr</a>

Obukan Judo – OSA supports Obukan Judo Club and tournaments at East Portland PCC campus – be sure to check out their site!


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David Wagner – OSA supports David Wagner, who is paralyzed from the mid-chest down with 30% function in his hands. When he competes in the quadriplegic division, he tapes the tennis racket to his hand. He is ranked #1 in the world in doubles & #2 in the world in singles. What an awesome role model & inspiration he is!


Portland Table Tennis Club  – OSA supports the Pacific Rim Open, held each November. OSA Board member Sean O’Neill is a two time Olympian in Table Tennis and our guiding light for computer enlightenment.