LSBJ (Linked Super Bonus Jackpot)

Players have the opportunity to win an extra jackpot called the LSBJ. The cost is $1 and is available for all sessions. The jackpot starts at $1,500 and tops at $2,500. Each session the jackpot goes up $25. The $25 is paid by the tenant who runs that session.

This jackpot can only be won by a single bingo winner. The LSBJ number and pattern will be announced by the caller. So, if the LSBJ number is B12, then a player must bingo on B12 and the pattern (1 of 3) announced by the caller.

A second LSBJ starts at $1,500 when the first LSBJ has reached $2,500. If no one wins either LSBJ (rare), a third jackpot starts building.


LSBJ Payout Board located in DAV Bingo Hall


DAV Ball

Starts off at $250 and tops at $1,000. The DAV Ball costs $1 and goes up by $25 each DAV Session. A player must bingo on the DAV Ball number and the correct pattern (1 of 3) announced by the caller to win. Another DAV Ball begins when the prior one tops at $1,000 and so on.



OASF Jackpot Ball

Each OASF regular bingo session will offer players the chance to win an additional $1,000 with the OASF Jackpot Ball. Get a Hard-Way Bingo (straight line bingo without using the free space) on the Jackpot ball and win $1,000 on top of the game payout.

OASF regular bingo sessions are Monday evening (6:30 p.m.), Wednesday Moonlight (10:30 p.m.) and Saturday Moonlight (10:30 p.m.).

The Jackpot Ball number will be the SECOND number called during the Double Action Warm-Up Game.