Mt. Hood Academy

The MHSEF Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. Hood Ski Education Foundation is to provide and promote excellent ski training programs, competitions, and a specially designed high school for competitive youth skiers.  MHSEF sponsored programs foster in student/athletes self-confidence, respect for others, a knowledge and appreciation of physical and mental well being, and an ongoing desire for growth throughout life.


The Mission of Mt. Hood Academy

The mission of Mt. Hood Academy is to help students gain the ability and the desire to set and achieve personally appropriate goals in education, athletics, future careers, and for life in a diverse society.


School Philosophy

Achievement in the top levels of ski racing demands and entails strong goal orientation, extensive travel, and diverse personal encounters.  It requires a school that is flexible and supportive in order to facilitate the pursuit of goals while simultaneously providing academic preparation for success in college and later life.

For these reasons, Mt. Hood Academy and its friends respect ski racing as a worthwhile part of the maturation and education process.  The school maintains flexibility in its schedules and expectations so as to encourage optimal college preparation in the face of demands placed on students by athletic competition, training and travel.

In total, Mt. Hood Academy strives to develop well-rounded, self-assured individuals with the knowledge, experience, and fortitude to pursue their goals and accept the challenges presented by future education, competition, employment and daily living.


History of MHA

In the 1980’s, competitive skiers – like swimmers, gymnasts, and other athletes — began to train several hours each day of the week.  To achieve national ranking and college scholarships, practicing on weekends was not enough.  Some families withdrew from school and hired tutors; some used shortened schedules at their local schools.  Neither of these was ideal.  There were problems in school posed by absences for race travel, which is extensive at the upper levels of competition, and private tutoring is expensive and can be motivationally difficult.  So, MHSEF founded Mt. Hood Academy, a school designed specifically for nationally-ranked ski racers.