All September Long

King and Queen continues all month for all MHSEF sessions. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30)

September 1st

Four $1,199 and One $2,500 Blackouts during the 6:30 session.

September 4th – Labor Day Specials

10:00 a.m. session: Two $300 and One $500 Blackouts
12:30 p.m. session: Two $300, One $500 and One $1,000 Blackouts

6:30 p.m. session: Four $1,199 and One $600 Blackouts

September 11th – Patriot’s Day Special

Daytime sessions: Single packet winners Pick A Flag for extra money.

September 21st – Mt Hood Ski Birthday Special

All September birthdays receive $10 off their Buy-in.

September 24th – Jack’s Birthday Special

Evening session: Three $1,000, One $600 and One $3,200 Blackouts at $1 each.