T-UP Rules

1. You must be 18 years of age to play.

2. The Bingo must be on the last number called.

3. Once the letter for the next number is called the number is considered called.

4. Do not throw away your cards until the Bingo has been verified.

5. Yell Loudly! The caller must hear you to stop the game.

6. $5.00 minimum buy-in.

7. No refunds or exchanges! New cards issued for each game. Once the number is called, the card is in play and must be paid for.

8. Any articles not related to the game are prohibited on the tables.

9. Tokens must be out in order to receive a paper.

10. Established players can miss no more than 7 games in order to play the 3 second game and the blackout.

11. A new player just coming in must play the 5 games before the blackout in order to play the blackout and 1 game prior to the 3 second game in order to play the 3 second game.

12. Management makes the final decision in any dispute.

13. No foul or abusive language towards workers or other customers.

14. Due to the nature of the game there is no guarantee to how your papers are passed.

15. The flashboards are for your convenience only.

16. Tokens must stay on the table at all times.

17. All tokens must be cashed out at the end of each session.

18. Anyone caught using tokens from other halls or companies will be asked to leave.

19. The use of cell phones or pagers is prohibited in the daubers-up area.

20. Soliciting of tokens or cash from other customers is strictly prohibited.

21. Management and staff are not responsible to save seats.

22. Once the caller closes the game, the game is closed.

23. Duplicate cards may be in play.

24. If the caller does not acknowledge a bingo on the money ball, bonus ball, or other type of special number, you must notify the caller before the next game begins in order to receive the bonus.

*Although we try to keep our website up to date, this may not be the most current version of our T-UP rules. The official T-UP rules are posted in the hall. Last revised on 8/9/2012.